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The translation company Literatus - Translation and Interpretation Services was founded in Thessaloniki (1996) by distinguished philologists, qualified translators and other knowledgeable professionals specializing in the Balkan languages. ... More

languages department

The translation company Literatus is the only translation company in Greece specialized in translating and interpreting Balkan and South Eastern European languages. ... More


Interpreting and
conference organization

The transalations company Literatus provides organization and interpreting services for large conferences, events, meetings of general and scientific fields. ... More



The Literatus translation services are housed in spacious offices in the central square of Thessaloniki. ... More

Certified translations
of official documents

In collaboration with its legal advisors and lawyers as well as other translation offices, the translation company Literatus undertakes the certification of your documents. ... More

Subtitling Services

Over the years the translation company Literatus in collaboration with specialists, professors, and philologists has managed to compile useful dictionaries and glossaries for internal use and for its clients, which it offers free of charge. ... More

Awards and prizes

The Translation Company Literatus The Translation Company — translation and interpretation services — has received many awards and prizes for its contributions in the field of translation services. ... More

Translations & Interpretings

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